Why Consider Precious Metal Investment? -

There are a number of reasons why precious metals and in particular gold is considered a viable investment.

True effective diversification is not just diversifying stocks and ETF's, it is much more than that.  More and more investors are looking to broaden their horizons by investing in things like REIT's, corporate bonds, gold, and silver, as well as the standard stocks and ETF's.

Protection from Inflation-Deflation
Inflation has for a very long time been a concern because it weakens the value of paper money. However, gold does not have the same constraints as paper money. It has a value that is established mainly through demand. Paper money can be weakened when there are shifts in power from one country to the next, or when there is some sort of political upheaval, or when there is market volatility (see below). In this and other cases, paper money can be seen as completely worthless, should the affairs of a particular country get bad enough. It is in these situations, that gold is seen as a good investment.

A Shelter Against Volatility
 Why gold should be looked at as an investment is because it can be used as a hedge of protection against market volatility. Last year alone (2016) we saw a number of events that affected the market. In June 2016 the people of Great Britain voted to leave the EU and as a result of the Brexit vote, the response the next day in the markets was quite dramatic. Major stock markets around the world saw large falls and the pound became massively weak, dropping to levels last seen in the mid-1980s.  Prime Minister Cameron resigned adding additional uncertainty. We had the election of Mr Trump as President, which also impacted on the market. So who knows what will happen in 2017.

Here Are Three Reasons Why The Market IS Volatile Right Now

  1. Markets are far more volatile now in the wake of Brexit. Britain has voted to leave the EU and other European countries may follow, sending world markets into turmoil. The U.S. Stock market dropped over 600 points or 3% on June 24th 2016 after this historic referendum on the implications this could have for American businesses and exports. Global markets saw similar declines. When the next crisis unfolds, the declines could be larger.
  2. The U.S. Government has its Eye on Retirement Accounts. In 2010 Portugal seized retirement account assets to help plug holes with government deficits and debt. Ireland and France did the same in 2011, as did Poland in 2013. The U.S. government has been watching. Since 2011, Treasury has taken money from government workers’ pension funds on four separate occasions to cover deficits in federal spending. Investing billionaire legend Jim Rogers believes that private accounts will be the next ones the government raids.
  3. Top 5 US Banks Now Larger Than Before the Crisis. You learned about the five largest banks in the U.S. and their systemic importance as the unfolding financial crisis threatened to collapse them. Legislators and regulators promised they would address this issue once the crisis was contained. Over five years after the crisis ended, the five biggest banks are even bigger and more critical to the system than before the crisis began. The government made the problem worse when it forced some of these so-called “too big to fail” banks to absorb the failing ones. Any of these banking behemoths failing now would be absolutely catastrophic. Check out this full list of 10 reasons why the market is volatile right now


It used to be the case that there was very little we could do with regards to protecting ourselves against the likes of market collapse, monetary failure and bank closure. Now these are not everyday occurrences and this is not about scaremongering, but while it does happen, whenever it happens, thanks to deregulation in certain aspects, we can protect ourselves and our assets as best we can.


Precious Metal Investment Opportunities

As was mentioned on our home page, there are two particular methods of investing in physical metals - 1. Owning precious metals outright, and 2. Adding precious metals to your individual retirement account to create a precious metals IRA.

On this page, we have provided you with information on the various companies you can invest with, in both methods mentioned.  We have carried out extensive research to find the relevant information and data provided, and you will see that we link extensively to various sources to back up the recommendations we offer you on this page.

Option 1 -Owning precious metals outright

When it comes to metal investment, there are many firms out there in the marketplace that you can choose as your investment partner. However, we have recommended two in particular that you may want to consider. Of course, you can choose whoever you want, but we wanted to tell you about these two in particular, because of the reputation they both have within the precious metals investment niche as being the best.


Choice 1 - BullionVault

bullion vault logo

BullionVault is an online precious metal investment service which has fast become the largest of its type. As an organization, they trade in over $100 million of gold and silver a month and take care of $2 billion in assets for their 65,000 clients who come from 175 different countries around the world.

The company is in part owned by two large and highly reputable organizations. The first is Gold Bullion Investment Trust [GBIT] which became the registered owner. GBIT who is connected to the World Gold Council. The second is Augmentum Capital. Augmentum Capital is a subsidiary of RIT Capital Partners plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

When you purchase with BullionVault, your precious metal is stored in one of five locations around the world from which you can choose as the final destination of your purchase: London; New York; Toronto; Zurich or Singapore.

What Are The Main Benefits For Purchasing Precious Metal Via BullionVault?

Biggest Online Bullion Market
 - As already mentioned, BullionVault manages $2 billion of clients assets, of which $1.3 billion is in gold - This figure is actually more than the gold reserves of most countries.

Low Buying & Selling Rates
 - BullionVault will charge the maximum of 0.50% when buying precious metal on their live order board. If you are looking to purchase over $75,000 of metals then you will pay less than 0.50%

Low Minimum Purchases
 - Whereas a number of providers have a minimum order value of $5,000, BullionVault allow you to buy as low as $100, with no maximum.

Withdrawal funds next working day
 - You can sell your precious metal for instant settlement any time you wish. Your funds will usually arrive within in your bank account by the next working day.

Allocated Precious Metals
 - You own what you buy outright. BullionVault only deal in allocated metals.

Easy Purchasing & Selling
 Buy and sell precious metals 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Multiple currency dealings
  - With BullionVault you can buy and sell in Euros, Pounds Sterling, Japanese Yen or US Dollars. The choice is yours.

What Metals Do They Offer?

With BullionVault you can buy gold silver and platinum bullion. Because you buy through the live order board, you are not having to wait for a broker to get you a price (which can be inflated) you are in control of your purchases. You are purchasing bullion, so if you are into collecting coins, GoldBroker, who are mentioned below, will be your better option.

The video here, shows you the liver order board and how simple it is to purchase precious metals through BullionVault.

Choice 2 - GoldBroker -

gold broker logo

As well as BUllionVault we are also recommending  FDR Capital, also known online as Goldbroker.com who do specialize in actual bullion ownership, as well as IRA rollover (although they relatively new at this) and are in fact recognized as one of the leading international gold brokers. So if you are looking to invest in metals, other than for an IRA, you may want to consider them.

FDR Capital / Goldbroker.com was founded by entrepreneur Fabrice Drouin Ristori. They provide 100% physical ownership of silver and gold, which means they do not offer mutual or fractional ownership.

Also, what makes Goldbroker one of the leading metal providers around, is the fact that one of their board members  is Mr Egon Von Greyerz. Mr Von Greyerz is the founder of Matterhorn Asset Management and is recognized within the financial sector as one of the top 5 gold fund managers worldwide.

Gold Storage

Goldbroker.com store gold purchases in secure warehouses in Switzerland, The US, Canada and Singapore. Additionally, storage in Switzerland is within a VAT Free zone, so you do not pay value-added tax on your purchases. The storage company who keep hold of your items is independent of FDR Capital so there is no confusion over who actually owns the gold.

 Benefits of buying gold through FDR Capital / Goldbroker.com are:

  • You can buy physical gold and silver in bar and coin form
  • You have complete ownership of the purchase
  • You hold all stock in your own name with each purchase having its own unique serial number
  • All storage partners are fully insured for your safety
  • You can inspect your purchase at any time
  • You can have home delivery once you have completed 1 years minimum secured storage
  • It is stored in a VAT free zone
  • There is no exit penalty whenever you wish to sell



The range of bullion and coins from GoldBroker include gold silver platinum and palladium. Their gold bar selection starts at 1 oz and rises up to 1 kg (they offer 3 types of 1 kg bar, Royal Canadian, Cast and standard. However, when buying coins from GoldBroker, you do have to purchase in rolls of ten rather than as one-offs. With this in mind, if you are considering small investment, other gold providers many be your better option.

Option 2 - Adding precious metals to your individual retirement account

The second option we mentioned, was concerning the option of adding precious metals to your IRA. With so many companies/providers and specialists on the market, it can be difficult to find out which one is the best to use. That's why we have provided a selection of reviews on the various leading companies for you. A great starting place as we provide the relevant information that will help you make the right decision when it comes to picking which of these companies is best for your financial future and planning your pension and a potential precious metals IRA rollover.


The most important and relevant information needed to consider when looking at any company to use for your 401k or ira rollover can be covered in 7 main elements, as outlined below.

  1. The BBB rating (click here for information on how the BBB rating works) and the number of complaints that have been registered in the last 3 years.BBB and Trustlink logos
  2. Their Business Consumer Alliance rating.
  3. Their Trustlink rating which is determined by the number of reviews and score they get out of 5 from previous customers.
  4. Whether they provide an IRA facility or just sell precious metals
  5. The fees they charge.
  6. The quality of customer service
  7. Whether they use a 3rd part Custodian




Please note that the content on this website does not constitute financial advice and should not be taken as such. The owner of this site may be paid to recommend Regal Assets or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Regal Assets and any other reviews, may not be neutral or independent. It is advisable to always speak to a certified financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Live Metals Prices

Information On The Best Precious Metals IRA Companies

Here is the relevant information concerning each  company with a link to their full review and further details, if you wish to check them out further.

Overall Best Precious Metals IRA Company

regal assets logo


Based on the above criteria , and as you can see from the table plus a few additional factors outlined below, Regal Assets comes out as the best of all the leading gold providers.

What Else You Can Expect From Regal Assets

First years fees covered – including admin, storage, and delivery.

One of the fastest transfer processes, -24 hours if you so wish

Fast account fulfillment – 7 business days meaning you don’t lose out on interest

Storage - Brinks Depository

One of the best buyback policies in the industry

Plus over ten years in operation 

To Summarize Why Regal Assets are # 1:  Out of all the companies reviewed, they have perfect ratings from both the BBB and the BCA, with zero complaints. They've over 900 positive reviews from past clients on Trustlink. They've one of the fastest transfer processes on the market, so you don't lose out. Also, they are the only provider that stores your investment in a Brinks depository, the safest available worldwide. Plus, they waive all fees within the first year and from year two onwards you only pay  $250 a year. So from this, it is easy to see why you should consider at least talking to Regal Assets, with no obligation, and judge for yourself.

>> Visit Regal Assets Website<<


Order Your Complimentary Gold IRA ROllover Kit

gold ira kit

Regal Assets provide a complimentary gold kit, full of valuable information concerning this investment:

  • A DVD copy of the award-winning documentary on the secrets of the Federal Reserve;
  • Forbes magazine investment guide;
  • Guide on how to rollover your IRA & 401(k)
  • And a special report on the performance of gold since 2008.

Simply click on the image above to order your today or click here,

OR CALL 1-855-628-9249

Additional Things To Consider When Selecting A Gold IRA Company

if you are seriously considering converting your IRA or 401k into a gold account (investment options are more limited in a 401k account than within a precious metals one*) then there are a number of things to consider when talking to any of these companies.


working out ira fees

You will see from the table above that depending on which company you chose, the fees vary. Some charge a fixed fee while others charge either fixed and percentage or the fees vary depending on your investment. One thing to consider with various fees is the more your invest, the more you will have to pay.

Now because some companies have varying fee structures, don't let that put you off from investing for your future. The return you get from investing, far outways the investment in fees.

There are three areas of fees that need clarification from your provider so that you know what you are paying. The areas relate to the three sections of your account; Provider, Custodian, and Depository.

What You Will Need To Get Clarified With Your Chosen Provider Concerning Fees

  • The fee for opening an account. A gold IRA is a tax deferring account which means it can only be opened by an IRS approved custodian. Each custodian charges differing fees, so if the provider you chose recommends a number of different custodians, you will need to check with each one. Normally you should expect to pay around $50 to open a new account.
  • Fee for carrying out your transaction. When buying your metals to be added to your account, or if you invest in more gold at any time, you will need to pay a transaction fee. This fee will be applicable if you choose to sell any of your investment too. This also varies from custodian to custodian, but expect to pay in the region of $40 per transaction.
  • Fee for maintaining your account. This is another varying fee depending on the custodian, but because of the importance of maintaining your account, a large number of custodians put this fee on their website. The range of the fee varies but can be from $50 to £250 plus a year, depending on the custodian.
  • Fee for fund transfer. When you make your investment, the transfer into your account is done via wire transfer and this generates a fee. Each transfer is around $25.
  • Fee For Storage. I mention below that when precious metals, its storage is vital otherwise you will be liable to pay tax. Once your purchase is complete, you'll want to store it in a depository. The fee for depository storage varies from depository to depository, also how you store your investment too can effect the yearly fee. You may want to have your metal segregated from others, this will, increase your fee. You should expect to pay between 0.5-1% of the value of your assets by way of a depository annual fee, plus any extras you choose, such as segregation.

IRS LogoIs Your Custodian Licensed by the IRS?

A custodian must be properly licensed by the Internal Revenue Service. There is a register of eligible custodians and whichever company you choose, they can confirm that the custodian they use is on that list.

What you also need to be aware of, if you are not already, is that a custodian is not allowed to offer actual financial advice nor can they sell you any investment products. Their role is to carry out the purchase and administration of your gold ira investment. In other words, they simply act on your behalf, they don't advise you, that is the job of your provider or financial advisor.

Make Sure Your Company Uses A Quality Depository

depostitory boxesWhen purchasing gold silver, or platinum for your account, checking that the correct storage is being used by the company you choose is vital. Because the government sees these investments as cash since they can be liquidated easily anywhere in the world, you will be liable for tax on your bullion or coins if you hold them at home. To appreciate the tax benefits the metal you purchase for your rollover /retirement account must be held by a private depository of your choice in the US. Not only that but any good depository will allow you to visit any time you please.

A depository as you know is a secure building that is managed and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many depositories located all around the US, so when setting up your rollover, you should be allowed to pick the nearest one to where you live. Furthermore, you can determine the quality of the depository by the quality of their insurance and legal separation.

Depository Insurance & Legal Separation.

I mentioned in the section on fees that you can if you so choose have your metals segregated from others, but that is not what I mean by legal separation. You want to make sure that the depository you use is insured to a high value (not all are) but also that they DO NOT take ownership of your assets in any way while they are being stored. The reason why this is important is because should anyone take legal action against the depository, your assets will be protected and not levied against the claim if they have not taken ownership.


* = Any IRA whether a Traditional or ROTH is able to be rolled over successfully into a physical gold account. A 401(k) is a little more complicated and your eligibility to convert it into precious metals depends on a number of factors. If rolling over your 401k is something you want to consider, then your custodian will be able to advise accordingly.

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